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Leather Shoe Care

20 Jan 2020

Leather shoes are beautiful, breathable and can make an outfit look glamorous, but often people don’t know how to look after them. Here are a few tips and tricks to help you get the most out of you leather shoes.

Often when you go to buy leather shoes, the retail assistant will advise buying a size smaller as leather shoes take form and stretch after a few wears. If you still feel the shoes may be a bit tight, you can lubricate it with alcohol or a wet piece of soap from the inside.

Keeping your shoes looking great requires some TLC. It is very important to give your shoes the basic treatment. Such as a leather balm or use shoe polish. Wipe your shoes with a damp cloth after every wear, to avoid corroding the leather, dust and dirt can make the shoes stiff and uncomfortable to wear so make sure to clean the shoes every week with a good cream.

Another tip to deal with any salt stains is mixing 1 spoon of vinegar with 2 spoons of water and rubbing that gently with a cloth or a brush to remove the stain.

Conditioning your leather shoes every 20 wears will help moisturize the leather so the leather doesn’t crack, this can be done by using a small cloth to rub conditioner in small circular movements.

Another good tip is to wash the shoes with special soap from time to time. This cleanses any dirt from the leather pores. The shoe needs to be dried in a natural way after washing them so it can take up to 24 hours to dry them

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