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Choosing the right Shoes

03 Jan 2020

When shopping for shoes it is really important to think about your feet. Often you will have fashion and matching an outfit in mind without realizing your feet are the pillars your body stands on. Wearing tight shoes can cause ingrown nails, and cause blood circulation disorders. We see celebrities walking in high stilettos and we will compare ourselves to them but we should not be inflicting that sort of pain on ourselves to look good for a few minutes.

Your shoes need to be of good-quality! Low quality shoes are often associated with calluses and in the long run can cause vein, and spine diseases. Always check the shoe width and length. Walk around in the store a couple of times and make sure they fit right before making that purchase as your health depends on it.

A great tip about buying shoes is not to buy them in the morning as our feet swell up in the night, so the shoes will feel slightly tighter. Wear the right size, not too tight and not too loose as you don’t want to stress your leg muscles.

Try both shoes on, stand and press on the top and make sure you have about half an inch of space between your big toe and the end of the shoe. These traditional things our parents did were done for a reason! This will make sure your feet can breathe and aren’t suffocating in the shoes. Choose shoes with good insoles. Gel insoles, double foamed insoles are all perfect examples of great quality shoes, combined with leather and great materials, all you have left to do is choose the style and size suitable for you!

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