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Day to Night Shoe Ideas

08 Feb 2020

Everybody loves being comfortable, it is a total give in. The good thing is times have changed and woman are not obliged to wear stilettos and be un-comfortable all day to look good.

There are so many different options, and you are also able to mix and match day and night shoes, so you get more wear out of your shoes as well.

A Chunky block heel gives you more support and is more comfortable. They can be worn to work, on a casual brunch or to an Evening out with friends. If you are looking to make a statement with your block heels, you can buy a bright colour or buy a sparkly pair.

Flat shoes are another option, if you are not a heels girl, you can buy a beautiful pair of flats to dress your outfit. There are so many different types of flat shoe options that are stunning and go from a day to night look.

Wedge Heels also give you more support, they are stylish and comfortable as well and are so versatile.

We love the style for the comfort and fashion mix for Kitten Heels, They’re great for parties or work events and compromise on style.

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