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Sole Shoes' Rima Yousef: A Journey from Construction to Fashion's Heights

11 Jan 2024

Sole Shoes' Rima Yousef: A Journey from Construction to Fashion's Heights

In Woman's Day's first edition of 2024, we get an exclusive glimpse into the inspiring journey of Rima Yousef, the dynamic founder of Sole Shoes. A former construction worker with a deep-rooted love for a fabulous pair of heels, Rima has redefined success by following her passion for creating sparkling, designer footwear.

Discover Rima's unique path from managing construction projects to designing a chic and unconventional footwear line. Her story is one of relentless pursuit, where a personal collection of 200 shoes evolved into an entrepreneurial leap. It's a tale that's reshaping New Zealand's fashion landscape, one step at a time.

Experience the dedication behind Sole Shoes – a brand born from Rima's unwavering dedication and a vision to offer something beyond the conventional. It's not just about the shoes, but the stories they tell and the confidence they instill. From juggling motherhood to forecasting fashion trends, Rima embodies the spirit of a woman who builds her dreams from the ground up, quite literally.

At Sole Shoes, we're more than just a brand; we're a testament to what happens when you walk the talk. Explore our collection, inspired by international runways yet grounded in the practicality of everyday elegance. Our shoes are for every woman who dares to dream big and walk boldly into their own version of paradise.

Read the full Woman's Day story to see how Sole Shoes is carving a niche in the fashion world and browse our latest collection to find the perfect pair that speaks to your story.


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