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Choosing the right shoes for your holiday

24 Feb 2020

How exciting is it to be packing for a holiday, dreaming of lazing by the pool, enjoying a refreshing drink and treating yourself wherever you plan to holiday. It is so important to pack the right shoes. How many times have you been caught out with the wrong shoe and ended up having to shop for shoes on a holiday. Packing the right pair doesn’t mean compromising on style but comfort and support should be your number one priority.

When packing for a holiday, unfortunately you aren’t able to take your whole wardrobe and with tight baggage limits you want to make sure you leave some space in your bag for shopping as well so here are a few tips.

  • Choose shoes that can be worn with multiple outfits
  • Make sure you take breathable, comfortable shoes you are able to walk in
  • Check the local forecast before you leave
  • Pack a pair of walking shoes
  • Pack a pair of flat sandals with some arch support
  • Pack a pair of heels that are comfortable, as you don’t want to be wearing shoes on a night out that will give you blisters or give you sore feet for the next day
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