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Shoe Hacks

19 Nov 2019

In this blog post I’ll be sharing some life hacks related to shoes. What are life hacks you ask? It's literally a trick to make life a little easier.. 

Hack One- Pool noodles in the shaft of the boot 

If you hate having your boots going all Floppy, then just get a pool noodle and put in the boot to keep it standing up right. 

Hack Two- Rough up the Soles of you shoes 

Sometimes new shoes can be slippery, if you have this problem try to roughen them up, find some concrete and scuff up the soles by dragging your foot on the ground. You could also use sandpaper instead of concrete. 

Hack Three- Cleaning the Rubber Sole 

Don’t you hate the look of a dirty rubber sole? Use either rubbing alcohol or nail polish remover to clean and your shoes will be looking as good as new. 

Hack Four- Stretch your Shoes 

Shoes too tight? Put on some thick socks and use a blow dryer to stretch them. 

Hack Five- Hair Spray your Feet 

Do your feet pop out of your favourite pair? Put some hairspray on your feet, then put your shoes on. The hairspray acts as an adhesive so your feet won’t move. 

Hack Five- Sore Feet 

Been on your feet all day, they can get tired and sore. Grab a tennis ball, roll it under your feet to release those tight muscles and give your foot a good deep massage. 

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