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04 Nov 2019

Mules have definitely made a come-back in recent years! I personally wasn’t the biggest fan myself but they grew on me. Traditionally, mules were a shoe with an open back and a closed toe and front. Today, there are numerous different varieties and stylesfrom strappy mules, open toed mules, laser cut mules and many more, allowing each one of us to have a distinct style, a mule for everyone 

Mules are super trendy. You can easily slip in and out of them and they come in a variety of heel heights, shapes and sizes. They are extremely versatile and can be worn casually, to work or to a formal event. Easily dressed up and down that’s for sure.  

Mules add a touch of boldness to any outfit, they’re a statement in their own right. They are the shoe that can come in an array of colors and majority of people now are obsessed with them. Heading into summer here in New Zealand, you notice them in so many different styles, numerous stores and on thousands of feet. They are easy to wear, stylish and comfortable.  

Styling mules is extremely easy! Mules and mini-skirts are a match made in heaven, or with cropped jeans to rock a funky casual look. Midi skirts and short dresses are paired flawlessly with mules therefore making them the shoe that can truly go with any style and outfit! 

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