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12 May 2020

I’m writing this blog as we’re on week 3 of the 4-week lockdown...

The first few days were challenging… then the next few days were fine as you find yourself getting into a new routine and mojo... then as the days went on, you keep finding yourself up and down with how you’re feeling and how to keep yourself occupied and motivated, running out of ideas..

For a lot of us, this isolation will be difficult as it disrupts a rhythm and routine we’re used to i.e. our “normal life” is no longer normal... now at week 3, I’m finding myself thinking of all the things I want to do when I’m out of this lockdown, where to go, who to see and what to eat. I will never take my freedom for granted again that is for sure!

Here are a few tips on what helped me stay sane during the lockdown this far...

  • Having regular virtual catch ups with friends
  • Getting dolled up and getting out of your pyjamas or track pants
  • Doing something each day, whether it be working or cleaning or something to keep you occupied for a few hours making you feel productive
  • Setting a time to relax and unwind
  • Sticking to a bedtime routine and avoid staying up late and sleeping in everyday
  • Have the weekend off as you normally would
  • Go out for walk... when the weather permits
  • Read something you enjoy... I started reading a book on persuasion and influence 
  • Watch a movie or start a new series
  • Enjoy the forced break and spend time with your loved ones inside your bubble
  • Finally, surely you are not in lock down if you did not bake at some point!
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