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2020 Shoe Trends

12 May 2020

The biggest fashion trends always come from the Runways of Milan, New York, London and Paris. This blog post will focus on the hottest shoe trends of 2020 in line with these fashion capitals.

  • Shoes with chains and metal accessories are going to be everywhere this year, it is almost like anklets attached to the shoes, shoes are designed with beautiful chains through them
  • Heeled Loafers are also a hit, loafers have been around for a few seasons now and have become the go-to shoe for comfort and style but this year the focus has moved to more variations of this shoe
  • Mary Janes making a coming back, these heels are coming back in beautiful colours
  • Bright and vibrant colours such as yellow and orange are definitely on repeat
  • Espadrilles have definitely made a come-back; there are so many variations of these, with jewellery, and straps to go around the ankle
  • Knotted and weaved leather, chunky straps, asymmetric straps, and bright colours
  • Coloured snake print statement boots
  • The Zumi loafer, all types of styles, stiletto heel, mid heel, flats, sling back, closed back, open back, mule and the list goes on. In fact, the staple loafer that has made a comeback this year comes with a twist to it as it incorporates components of the above, such as chains, vibrant colours, various leather prints and so on
  • Cowboy boots. Not sure how we feel about these, but they are definitely one of the styles of 2020
  • Ranger boots are filing up the stores again in all type of front faces, prints and heel heights

With all these new shoe trends it sounds like we are going to be strutting some beautiful fun shoes this year!

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