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Level 2

31 May 2020

Now that we are in Level 2, businesses have reopened their doors, social gatherings are now permitted within number limits as per government rules and we have some normality back as per pre-lockdown and pre-Covid.

Given the long term effect Covid will have on society for some time to come, it is predicted there will be a rise in online shopping and for online retailers as majority of individuals will still be reluctant to going out in the public and mixing and mingling and so we all should be. This is good news for a lot of ecommerce businesses like Sole Shoes but we must not forget other retailers and businesses whom have had to close their doors and will need our support more than ever.

It will be interesting to see how long it takes for the economy to recover from the impact the lockdown has caused. This is the time we must all support each other and support local New Zealand businesses to keep them on their feet and operational.

I’m sure I speak for majority of us when I say I’m looking forward to finally moving past all this and getting our normal life back. We’ve done a lot of the hard yards already so let’s all stay strong for the next phase.

It is extremely important to remember to be careful and vigilant, once outside your bubble, continue washing your hands thoroughly, keeping distance from others in public and maintaining public hygiene  so we can win this war against Covid once and for all!

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